Wednesday, January 31, 2007

gift box card

I just made this gift box card for one of my´s her birhtday card so i hope she dosen`t look here....don´t think she know the adress on my blog ;O)

by the way i got some very great news today .......I got an email from the swedish magazin Scrapbooking-mm......they are going to publish one of my layouts in the March or April issue. I just so happe and can´t really understand it.


*Jeanne* said...

What a wonderful friend you are Lisette! This is a gorgeous exploding box! Awesome work!

Congratulations on getting a pub. How exciting!

Gitte said...

Sikke en heldig fødselar - det er jo en hel gave i sig selv.
Jeg håber, at jeg også en dag kan finde ud af at lave sådan en !

charlotte said...

Flot box du har lavet, Lisette!!

Og tillykke med at du bliver publiceret i Scrapbooking mm. Jeg synes det er et supert blad - som jeg GERNE køber hver måned. :0)

Glæder mig til at se dit LOer deri. Godt gået!

Jaci said...

WOW Lisette! HUGE congrats on getting published! That's so awesome for you!! Be sure to post of pic of it when it comes out!

I absolutely LOVE this box and I know your friend will too!


Jaci said...

Hey've been tagged :)

Check out my blog :)


Charlotte Ravn said...

Super flot box Lisette, den skal nok gøre lykke!

Glæder mig rigtigt meget til at se dit LO i Scrapbooking M.M. det er bare så godt gået!