Sunday, February 25, 2007

The joy of snow

The night between Tuesday and Wednesday a snowstorm hit Denmark. We woke up to a beautiful snowscape.......but soon all the problems should we go down to the cars and would it be possible to drive to work, when there were about ½ meter snow on our road.

There were a lot of traficcaos because it was blowing a lot. The wind made snowdrifts on the it was very hard to drive.

Well my sweet husband drove me to work and picked me up again.....and when we arrived safely at home I went out and took some beautiful photos ......take a look
as you can see we got a lot of snow.......even my car which stod in the garage was covered with snow.

Today it began to thaw and sudden there were dreping water down from the ceiling. Anders went up on the roof and took some roofing tiles of and guess what....the loft was full of snowdrifts

I love snow´s beautiful but it´s also means a lot of troubel ;O)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fun with Distress Ink.

Tomorrow I´m going to teach a class in distressink. I´m a bit nervous because I never do a class like that before , so I have been playing with distress ink the entity day. After prepareing for my class tomorrow I look through my distress books byTim Holtz and came across a very sweet idea for a altered book I just have to try to make it..........take a look

The book cover is made by clipboard and it`s put together with two pices of rule and two bolts with nuts ( lucky that I´m married to a carpenter) the small letters got some glossy accents and the frame is colored with distress ink and water.

I made some accents with bottle caps, letters, stickers and glossey accents.....and glue them on some hair neddles....take a closer look

It was so fun to make this book and I`m think I`m ready for my class tomorrow....well they are not going to make a book like this......they are going to learn about distress ink and some diffrent techniques.

By the way today we celebrate shrovetide and here is a photo of my sweet daughter dress up as a Chinese

Sunday, February 11, 2007

First cypercrop in Denmark

I just finish my participation in the first cypercrop ever in Denmark. It has been a very funny and stressfull day....there were 7 competitions and I participate in 5.......I didn´t win anythings but it was so fun to make the things.......This are whatI made

We should make a tag there should be 10 cm high. We had an hour to do it. I made this one with my sweet dog Speedy.

Then we should make a letter there was 15 cm high and decorate it. Well I alreday had the paper in front of I made this ....again we had an hour to do it.

This is how my disk looked under competition number two

Competitions number 3 was to make a card for valentiens day and we had two hours to do the card.....I made a pp for the card and used some Basicgrey paper.

Then there was a competiton were yuo had to make two dia-frames and decorate them....well i stayed in the dog theme.

There was also a compertition where we should make a layout after a sketch from the lovely calender "design with ....." from Autunm Leavs. I used some photos from this summer where we went to the beach with Speedy for the first you can se on the photos he enjoyed it very much

It has been a blast to join the first cypercrop in our little a big thanks to the lovely girls at hope they well do anotherone some day.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Paper Piecing

Tonight I made these card to my paper piecing class tomorrow a DreamPapers. Now I just hope it doesn’t snow to much tomorrow, so I can drive the long way to Tårstrup without any problem.
If there is to much snow my sweet husband have promise to drive for me. That what I call love ;O)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

I've been tagged!

Yes, I have been tagged by a cyber friend from across the big ocean. The sweet and talented Jaci has asked me to name 6 things that are weird about me.

This was hard to come up with some answer to this because I´m a normally women ;O) but her they come :

I have to pee 10 time before I go to sleep…….it’s a bad habit from the time I was pregnant with my daughter.

I always brush my teeth after drinking my morning tea. I can’t stand the feeling of tannic acid on my teeth

I ´m grumpy in the morning

I do the dishes the most queer times… and night

I never learn how to use a paper trimmer.

I just have to by all scrapbooking magazines I go by

Thanks to Jaci this was fun. If you haven´t been around Jaci´s blog check it out here
Well now I will tag Gitte and Karen........have fun girls and I will check your blogs for the answers.

Friday I went to Sweden together with Signe to visit my parents and Saturday we took the car to my favourite scrapbooking store in Sweden Scraproom.

My sweet mother gave my this lovely "Tote-ally" craft bag from AAM for all the work i had put into here Australia album.

I bought this goodies

I just fall in love with these beautiful papers from Dasiy D ( the papers in the bottom)

By the way I made this layout to a challenge where we should use snowflakes. I cut the snowflakes out of some bacisgrey paper and then I gav them some glitter and UTEE.