Friday, August 31, 2007

Busy busy busy

I have been a bad blogger I know, but I have been so busy the last week with work and meetings. I have been scraping a lot for my secret project, so I can’t show it yet but I can show you this page aI made out of the august kit I got for being guest designer over at Scrapbook Charlet. It´s some very old photos from the time I didn’t know anything taking pictures and very little about scrapbooking.

Tital : Jesperhus

We went to the flowerpark Jesperhus. Signe was in a very bad mood just until we came to the area with playground, horses and carrousels, then her mood suddenly raise 180 degree.

I decided in the beginning of this month, that I shouldn’t use money on scrapbook supplies, because I have so much stuff, that I need to use first. Well know that august is ending I must admit that I have used some money on supplies but not as much as I normally do. Yesterday when I came home from work I thought my new chipboard letters would had arrived, but there was nothing in the mailbox. At 00.30 am this morning( I couldn´t slepp ;O) ) I used the track and trace number and it said that it was delivered, so I the middle of the night I went out to the garage with a flashligt in my hand and there my parcel stud. Take a look at these awesome chipboard letters from Heidi Grace, I can’t wait to play with them.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Mini purse album

I’m already feeling better and I can almost walk normally again. I want to say thanks to all you sweet girls who left a comment on my blog. It means a lot to me. Knowing that somebody else is thinking about you is always nice.

Two nice girls have giving me the NICE MATTER AWARD. It is given to persons who are commenting a lot on blogs. Thank you very much Annette and Pia.

I will give this award to:

Gitte: for always giving me so sweet comment and for being my big scrapbook inspiration
Netti: for never letting me down, even though she doesn’t have a blog herself.
Paula: who is a very nice returning visitor on my blog even though we don’t know each other.
Didi R: who also is a very nice returning visitor and my good cyberfreind from Scrapbook Chalet.
Tomorrow I’m going to my brothers birthday and I hope he like the album. My twinsister will also be there and I haven’t given her a birthday present, so I made this mini album for her.
I saw the template for this mini purse album over at Scrapbook Chalet, where Tammy is having this for a challenge. I just thought it would be perfect for my sister.
Take a look.

I have used the august kit from Scrapbook Chalet
Now I just hope she like it. thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

24 long hours

Saturday morning my left knees start to hurt and Sunday evening it was very swollen. I went to work Monday and Thursday, but it didn’t get better ,so I had to go early home from work tuesday. I went to the doctor and he looked very concerned. He said that it could be a burst cyst, which is very painful but harmless or a blood thrombus. He wanted me to god to the hospital today to get a blood test. I got very scared and all kind of thought was running through my head on my way home. I almost didn’t sleep.
I went to the hospital this morning and got a blood test and waited almost the hole day on the result. I´m so glad that my dear husband Anders stayed home from work and waited with me. It has been the longest and hardest 24 hours in my life.
This afternoon I got the result of the test and lucky me it wasn’t a blood thrombus. I´m so happy and I must say I have don a lot of thinking about how I have lived my life so fare and what changes I’m going to make in the future. I’m defiantly going to lose some weight and do some more exercise. I got some rheumatism medication and hopefully I’m able to walk normally again in a couple of days. I ´m absent owing to illness the rest of the week, so I think I will have time to do some scrapping. Thanks for stopping

Friday, August 17, 2007

I´ve been tagged

I got tagged by my sweet friends Charlotte and Annette

Here are the rules: The game is SCATERGORIES....* Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the questions. *They MUST be real places, names, things ... NOTHING made up!* If you can't think of anything, skip it. *You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question. *If your name happens to start with the same letter as mine, sorry, but you can't use my answers!

My name is LISETTE

1. Famous singer/band: LeAnn Rimes.2. Four letter word: Love3. Street: Lundegade4. Colour: Light blue.5. Gifts/presents: 6. Vehicle: Lotus7. Things in a souvenir shop: Coins.8. Boy name: Ludvig.9. Girl name: Louise.10. Movie Title: Letters from Vietnam11. Drink: Lemonade12. Occupation: Leader13. Celebrity: Leonardo Dicaprio14. Magazine: .Life15. U.S. City: Los Angeles16. Pro Sports Team: Lakers17: Fruit: Lemon18: Reason for being late for work: 19: Something you throw away: Letters which are only advertising 20: Things you shout!: Live Life21: Cartoon Caracter: Lilo

I tag KIT and GITTE

By the way I just finish the album to my brother, now I just hope he likes it. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

my scraproom

Today’s topic from Jozzie´s list is my scrap room.
My scrap room is 14 square meter and has and 4 meter long table. I love to sit by my table and scrap. other times I just sit there and look at all my flowers. The flowers inspire me and make me happy. Yes I have a flower fetish, but the flowers are beautiful and they don’t need water. I also have a bed and television in there and a extra table for my daughter.
Normally I keep the table very cleaned but last night when I was make pages for my brothers album something went wrong and it got just a little muddle…..take a look.

I did make some more pages for my brothers album. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, August 13, 2007

If you were a T-Shirt what would it say?

Todays questions from Jozzie´s blog challange: If you were a T-Shirt what would it say?
Well If I was a t-shirt it should say:
The one who works with humans can decide if the others day should be
dark, narrow , threatening -
or bright , wide and cheerful.
It´s my favourite quote by Johannes Møllehave and I often think about it when I drive to work. If I’m angry , sad or irritable it will affect my time with the kids, so I try to be happy when I go to work.
My big brother is turning 40 the 22 of august ,so I ´m working on a mini album for his birthday gift. I not finish yet and I think it´s had to make because I’m not usual to scrap to a boy. Take a look of what I have don so far. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

My best friend

Todays topic from Jozzie´s blog challenge list is writing about my best friend:

One of my best friends is Anette aka Netti. We have known each other for about 8 years now. We live fare away for each other and we only see each other one or twice a year, but we “talk” every Sunday on the internet through MSS. We meet each other over the internet and I actually made a layout some time ago about it. I wrote a story about our friendship on the layout, to them who haven’t read it , it here:

Once upon a time there was a website called Get2net, which was a meeting place for all kind of people how had a love for chatting.One night in 1999 a foolish lady from Zealand sat down by the computer, determined to find out what, that web chatting was all about.If it was destiny or just a coincidence what the foolish lady logged in on the chat room parents life in that same moment as another fool from Jut land logged in, is not to say. The two fools got into a talk with each other and discover that they had a lot common…..actual so much, that is was kind of scary. You would almost think that they were twins…so much they had in common. They were both married to men with a love for tree, both mothers to a girl. They even shared the same taste in night clothes and washing powder, had the same family name and both owner of a dog.As time past by it became a weekly event that the two fools sat down and chat to each other on the Internet and that was how a funny friendship across the country began.One day the fool from Zealand took the courage and invited the other fool with family to visit her in the summer Holliday …..without knowing if they actually could talk together IRL.There was butterflies in the stomach when the fool from Zealand said welcome to the fool from Jut land that warm summer day in the year 2000. This meeting went very well and became ever since a yearly tradition.Like this the fairytale about two fools aka LAM & NETTI began………..what they ever since exposed each other to, is a different kind of story.

I’ve been tagged by my good cyper friend Didi R, So this one is Seven Things You Don't Know About Me.

  1. I’m grumpy in the morning, so don’t talk to me before I have finish my shower
  2. I have to pee 10 times before I went to sleep…´s a bad habit from the time I was pregnant with my daughter.
  3. I always brush my teeth after drinking my morning tea. I can’t stand the felling of tannic on my teeth.
  4. I don’t wear make up.
  5. I do the dishes the most queer time….day and night.
  6. I often take the car to empty my mailbox……it´s about 300 meters away from our house.
  7. Every time a see a scrap magazine or a book about scrapbooking I just have to buy it.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

What do I like to do with my children ?

Today’s topic from Jozzie´s list is what do you like to do with your children?
Well there are lot of things that I like to do together with my daughter like going to the Zoo, shopping, scrapping, read and watch a movie. One off the tings I enjoy the most is exploring the nature with her. To walk in the forest and look at all the trees and the wild flowers or walking on the beach. This summer when we visited Funen ( a little island in Denmark) we did go to the beach a lot. We walk along the water and search for beautiful shells, snail shells and throw stones in the water. I took a lot of pictures and this one is my favourite .

I just love all the funny challenge and games going on over at Scrapbook chalet. Here is another layout I made for “ the Scrap Scurry game”.

We went to Tivoli a amusement park in Copenhagen and I took pictures off this beautiful flowers with my new camera and I think the turned out very well. I just love my new camera. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Scrapbook item I couldn´t live without.

I will stare on Jozzie´s blog challenge over at Chalet. There is a hole topic list to pick from and for today I picked Scrapbook item I couldn’t live without.
This is so hard because there are a lot of things I really love to use and can’t live without , but I think I'd have to go with my paper trimmers. The funny thing about this is ,that I for a long time didn’t like paper trimmers. I couldn’t find out how to use them, I didn’t think they cut very straight and took to much space in my scrap bag. I actually went Nederland for some scrap classes and had one with me and bought another trimmer down there, but I didn’t like them, so I left them behind in my hotel room when I went back home to Denmark.
One day I told a friend my problems about paper trimmers and she said it was because I hadn’t tried a trimmer from Fiskars and she told my to try the one she had . I must admit that I loved it and when out and bought one. I used the big one for papers and the little one for photos and they both fit perfect into my AMM toot.
So what scrapbook item couldn´t you live without?

Monday, August 06, 2007

party time

The Design Team at Scrapbook chalet is going to have a party all month long. All sorts of challenges, chats and events going on, some ongoing, others with deadlines.
I spent yesterday evening making a layout and a mini project.

This bookmark is a mini project hosted by Tammy Gray. Very easy and fun to make, so now no more dog-ears in my books and magazines.

I made this layout for Scraptastickats Scrap Scurry game. She has listed a long list off challenge which give points for doing. I managed to do a lot off them in only one layout and ended up with 135 points.

Now I off to a photo class at my local scrapbook store and I hope to get at lot of tips about taking better photos. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Back to work

The first 3 days at my new job have been great. My new colleagues are wonderful and sweet and the kids have been so nice. I actually got a bucket of flowers from my new colleagues the first day, that was so sweet. Normally you get flowers when you have your last day, but not here. I think it a very nice idea and it makes you feel welcome.

It´s also been hard to start at work after my holiday, so I haven’t been scrapping so much as I would have like to, but I did make these letters. . They are going to hang above my inspiration board in my scrap room.

I painted them with white paint, glue some pieces of pattern papers on them and used some distress ink. After that I decorated with flowers, ribbons and pins.

I also made this layout from a sketch provided by Di Hickman. You can se it on her blog.

I finally received a lovely kit from Laura over at scrapbook Chalet. I was suppose to be guest designer at Chalet in June but the kit never arrived, so now I’m this month guest designer at Scrapbook Chalet. I just love this fantastic site. They girls over there are just so funny and sweet, so if you haven’t check that site out yet you should.

Thanks for stopping by.