Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Withsuntide

I hope you all have had a happy Whitsuntide. I did.

Whit sauterday I was to a privat crop at my good friend Karen aka Lindse. We had a great time and did get time to be creative between all the talking, eating very teasty buns which her sweet husband had baked for us, drinking coofee and playing with her cute lovely little boy.

here is the layout I´s my dog Speedy

I also had time to finish my birthday calendar. I got the inspiration to the calendar from Isabelle Cipriani ´s ( avery talented French girl) tutorials "how to make a bithrdays book" over a Scrapbooks Chalet. many of the elements in the calendar are lifted from Isabelle so all the credits goes to her.

I have used paper from My Mind Eyes and flowers from Bazzill, Prima and Heidi Swapp. Most of letters are made from my sizzix and some of them are foam letters from American Craft.

I´m so happy and I feel so honoured to bee between the last 8 ones in the "Desing like a star" contest. I can't believe it yet

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A little update

My agreement with LOF (a evening school) about teaching in scrapbooking is finally done. I ´m going to teach sunday the 11 november and if everythings goes well, they are willing to give me more work. I´m so happy and can´t belive I´m getting payed for teaching in something I really love.

I´m through to cahallenge #7 at the contest over at Chalet. I never thought that I would make this fare when I sign up for the contest. There are so many talented girls and I´m just so glad that I still in the contest.

This week challenge is an add challenge and her is what I made.

Created this using the sketch provided by Di Hickman It´s sketch dated may 21

Journaling:One of the things I love most about spring in denmark, is when the beech comes into leaves. It´s so beautiful when the sunbeams hit the light green leaves. So beautiful that it makes me glad.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Can for Mother´s day

This can was the project I made at the Daisy D class in Sweden. The kit was to make a can for a boy but instead I made it for my mother as her mothers day gift.

Dear mom
I just want to thanks you for being you.
Always ready to listen, always ready with a helping hand whenever I need it.
Thanks mom
for giving me a happy childhood, letting me explore the world and be the child I was. Helping me true my teenage years and supporting me in my role as a mother and helping me to become the one I am today ….
Daughter of the best mother in the world.
Do I have to say ,she got very happy when she got the can.
I made it through to challenge #6 over at Scrapbooks Chalet. The contest is geting harder and harder. this week challenge is a sketch challenge. The sketch is from a very great site. It was not a sketch I would use normally but i´m very pleased with the result.....take a look.
Title: Signe the mermaid.
It makes me so happy when I see how you just enjoy to play in the water. It makes me think, that it was very good, that I decided that you should continue your swimming lessons although that you the hole first season stood in the water with folded arms and refused to do anything. Every time when your teacher told you what to do , your standard answer was “I dare not”.Today I think, that you are glad that you overcame your fear and learned how to swim.
Now I just have to hope that somebody wote for me this sunday.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spa & Wellness

I just been on a 3 days trip to Sweden together with my mom, sister and sister in law. We were staying on a spa and wellness hotel.
It´s been a great trip where we just had so much fun, time to talk and relaxing at the spa. We also got massage and face treatment…..take a look.
At the national scrapbooking day I was so lucky to win a scrap lift challenge at Scrapbook Chalet.The prize was to be June guest designer on the fantastic site. I made "crazy girls"for the challenge. The original was made by Isabell Cipriani……a very talented girl. I just love her design.
I made this layout to challenge #5 at the design like a star contest at Chalet. The challenge was to go outside and take two photos of somethings that inspires you and write some journaling about why these things inspired you.
I often get inspiration from the nature. It can be the shape of a leav, the curves of a tree or the colour combination in a flower.These beautiful crab appel trees are a joy for the eyes.The shapes of the beautiful leavs, the curves of the stems and the branchs inspire me. The beautiful play of colors in the flowers makes me want to experiment with diffrent color combinations. The beauti of the trees makes me happy og I get such a wish to be creative.
I`m so glad that I´m moving forward to challeng #6

Monday, May 07, 2007

A little Toot

2 weeks ago I send alayout to the swedish blog SWE. they had a spring had to make a layout with layer on layer and with 6 homemade accessories. Today I went by the blog an saw my layout poping up......yes I won a 2 nd place. I´m so happy and can´t wait to se what I won.

Here is the layout I made

The journaling is one of my favourite qouts

Don´t walk in front of me, I may not follow
Don´t walk behind me, I may not lead
Walk beside me and be my´s by Albert Camus.

I draw the flowers by hand, painted them with my beloved watercoloer pencils and cut them out. I just love to a some demensions to my pages.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Challenge # 4

I´m so glad I´m through to challang #4 over at scrapbook Chalet.

this week the challenge is a AD INSPIRATION.

Laura Gordon said : all you need to do is create a layout inspired by some aspect of the inspiration piece. It doesn't have to be a carbon coby of the ad, it could be based on the overall design, the theme of the ad, the color scheme or maybe the fonts or title used in the ad. Whatever gets those creative juices flowing, the possibilities really are endless with this challenge.

Is easier said that don.
This challenge did tease me a lot. First I couldn’t decide which photos to use and then I didn’t know which papers to use. I took me 1½ day to come up with an idea and normally I use about 3-4 hours to finish a layout……..well in the end I was very satisfied with the result and I think that all that’s matters.
Here is what I came up with
Title: The creativity is blooming
I gets nostalgic when I see you sit there, preoccupied in your one thoughts, expression your creativity. It´s remembering me about all the times that I as a kid spend on drawing and painting. Yes there is something true in the proverb: "the apple doesn’t fall fare away from the tree".
I also used 3 of my favourite quotations in the journaling.
Art is the only way to run away without leaving home (Twyla Tharp)
Every child is an artist. the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up (Pablo Picasso)
Creativity is allowing yourself to make a mistakea. Art is knowing which ones to keep (Scoot Adams)
behind the little photo in the left corner, there are some extra photos....take a look
Now I just hope that somebody votes on me the upcomming Sunday......thanks for stopping by.