Wednesday, January 31, 2007

gift box card

I just made this gift box card for one of my´s her birhtday card so i hope she dosen`t look here....don´t think she know the adress on my blog ;O)

by the way i got some very great news today .......I got an email from the swedish magazin Scrapbooking-mm......they are going to publish one of my layouts in the March or April issue. I just so happe and can´t really understand it.

Monday, January 29, 2007

A busy crop

I had a great time at dreampapers crop last Suterday.
I got a lovely welcome gift which were some speciel designed lasercut chlipboard flowers in rosa, babyblue and beige. Ialso got another gift, which will be a real challenge to use because I`m not sure I like the colors....they are real strong yellow, green, blue, red and orange.

I had so much fun sitting together with some of my best scrapfriends that I forgot to take some photos. We did a lot of talking....but in defiance of all the talking and fun I was able to make 4 singel and one ´2 pages layouts.

take a look


Every year in December we bake christmascookies called vanilla rings after grand mothers old recipe, but something is wrong in the recipe, because the holes disappear when the cookies comes in the oven....but they taste great


Some old saving photos of my daughter and twin sister Jeanette back in 1998. This photos were fun to scrap because my living room dosen´t look like this anymore... luckily


Photos of my daughter one the beach back in 1999. The doodling is draw by hand and then cute out.

My crazy daughter making faces in the snow. This layout was made for a challenge where we should make a layout with a heart on. The heart is draw by hand and then cut out. I got a second place for this one.


I took some photos of my sweet daughter the moment she woke up. This layout is a challenge to my self, because I normally never use the color Yellow

Well as you can see it was a busy and fun day.....I`m already looking forward to the next dreamcrop in March.

Friday, January 26, 2007

warming up

tonight I was packing for the 12 hours dreamcrop tomorrow......and I prepared some sketches and I just couldn`t help it.
I just had to make these two layouts of my daughter........take a look

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Goals 2007

Is no secret that I have struggled with my weight almost all my adult life. My weight is like a elevator, is goes up and down all the time.
About 3 years ago I manage to lose 20 kg and I was so happy about it. I went to the fitness centre 3 times a week and I started to run……….but then I started at my job in the day nursery and I didn’t have so much time to exercise and I started to get exercising injuries. Slowly my weight began to raise again……and now I have to lose weight again.

I have decided to start on my diet again and to lose weight will be my biggest goal for 2007.

To stick to me goal I have decided to make a mini album about my way to a lighter me and to write about it on my blog…… because it seem more obligating when I write it here.

I have used the minialbum I got with my book "Scrapbooking by Lisa Bearnson"

This is the first page in the album, with some horrible photos of my as I look now.

This is the second page that shows how I will lose weight…….by counting calories, writing food diary and weigh my food. I also want to finally read Doctors Phils book to the end.

And the third page with this months goal and a tag to write how it went by the end of the month

My second big goal for 2007 is to stop smoking ….and actually it has been a lot easier than I thought it would be……because I was so sick last week so I wasn’t able to smoke and then I thought….well you haven’t been smoking for a week now so there is no need to start again… I haven’t smoke a cigarette for a week now and I so proud of myself.
P.S. and I have lost 4,5 kg so fare in January.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Down with the flue

sorry I haven`t been updating my blog the last couple of days.......but I have been down with the flue for a week now. It`s been dreadful and I have been to the doctor twice. The first time I got some medicin that I couldn`t tolerate so I got more sick. Now I`m finnaly getting better day by I hope I get well enough so I can come to Dreamcrop at DreamPapers this Sauterday.
I allways love crop at DreamPapers......12 hours of fun, scrapping and good company.

And yes Netti I`m going to have a doodling workshop at the convention in Ryslinge;O)

Monday, January 15, 2007

100% fun

I`m going to teach in doodling this evening , so last night I thought I just had to practise a little bit.......I made this layout

It`s kind off different than my normal styl.
I draw the flowers by hand and painted them with watercolor pencil and while the paper was drying it kind off rasied so the flowers got a dimension look.... It didn´t turn out the way I had plan but it was very funny to make........well I´m of to teach

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Great news

Well this manday I got some great news.......more about that later ;O)

I have to confess I`m addictet to books about scrapbooking. I have some many that my book shelf is in danger off collapsing. Everytime I see a new book I just have to bye it and yesterday I finally got the one I have been looking for, for some time.

Is "Scrapbooking with Lisa Bearson volum 3" and is full of layouts ideas. And the best part about it, is that with the book comes a lot off goodies. One set of chipbords letters, one lovely mini album 6x6 with a lot of god stuff and a foamstamp alphabet. Take a look

Well now to the great news. Sunday evening I sent a application to LOF (a evening school) about teaching in scrapbooking and monday noon I got a answer. They thought is was a great idea, so now I`m going to teach in scrapbooking at LOF this fall.......I`m just so happy.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Once upon a time

My dear friend Netti gave me a challenge. I had to make a layout about the two of us, so I made this last night.

the journaling goes like this
Once upon a time there was a website called Get2net, which was a meeting place for all kind of people how had a love for chatting.
One night in 1999 a foolish lady from Zealand sat down by the computer, determined to find out what, that web chatting was all about.
If it was destiny or just a coincidence what the foolish lady logged in on the chat room parents life in that same moment as another fool from Jutland logged in, is not to say.
The two fools got into a talk with each other and discover that they had a lot common…..actual so much, that is was kind of scary. You would almost think that they were twins…so much they had in common. They were both married to men with a love for tree, both mothers to a girl. They even shared the same taste in night clothes and washing powder, had the same family name and both owner of a dog.
As time past by it became a weekly event that the two fools sat down and chat to each other on the Internet and that was how a funny friendship across the country began.
One day the fool from Zealand took the courage and invited the other fool with family to visit her in the summer Holliday …..without knowing if they actually could talk together IRL.
There was butterflies in the stomach when the fool from Zealand said welcome to the fool from Jutland that warm summer day in the year 2000.
This meeting went very well and became ever since a yearly tradition.
Like this the fairytale about two fools aka LAM & NETTI began………..what they ever since exposed each other to, is a different kind of story.

It was fun to make and it really made my think of how much I appreciate our friendship.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Design with.....

Today I got some inspiration from my new awesome calendar "design with...." from Autmn Leaves to make this layout about my dog Speedy...

I can´t translate the titel because you don`t have that kind of word in english. Journaling : Speedy love to lie on the day daddy fall asleep and Speedy was shameless and took his bone with him up in the sofa.
The last coupel of weeks I have been scraping for my parents album and to the contest in Scrapbooking m.m. so it´s was really nice for a change to scrap somethings for my own album.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everybody that stop by my blog. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog and I hope to see you a lot in 2007.

I had a nice quiet New Year`s eve together with my beloved husband and daughter.

Right now I working on one out of seven layouts to a big contest in the new Swedish magazin "Scrapbooking MM".
Well it´s not that I even think I have a chance to win, there are so many talented Swedish scrapper but I have decidet to try.

I have to make seven layouts in different with focus on the photos, one with focus on journaling, one most be creative, one which show a new trend, one of your best layouts, one about seasons and one which show your favourites techniques and products .

I have so fare made six of them , so I will run of now to make the last one.