Sunday, March 25, 2007

What a week

It’s been a great week. I don’t know were to begin…well I cancel my appointment with the physiotherapist because I haven’t had any problems with my lumbar the last week. That is just great to be able to walk normally again without any pain.

My layout of Signe making “Faces in the snow” has been selected to appear in Bacisgrey on-line gallery. It´s the first time I have been sending layout to them and then they picked it, so I´m very happy. Take a look

My layout “my secret love” was selected to layout of the day over at Scrapbook Chalet and I was so luck to win the weekly poll. I’m totally surprised and so curious to see what I have won. The gift should be here next week.

I have also don a little bit of scrapping this week. I have made this on to a ad-challenge at Scrapbook Chalet. The challenge was to get inspired by this old coke photo.

I got inspired by the grate division in the Coke photo and I have tried to bring it into the layout in the journaling.It’s to difficult to translate the hole journaling but it’s about the stressfully days before my daughter was born. I went “over time” and at a routine scanning the doctor discovered that she was laying the wrong way, with her feet first. The doctor advised me to try to give birth to her normally…which isn’t normally in Denmark when you are having a baby for the first time. You normally get a Caesarian section. Well I believed in the doctor and where transferred to another hospital where thy could do a breech presentation. At the other hospital the doctor advised me to have a Caesarian section. I told him what the other doctor had told me and he didn’t understand it because I was first time pregnant. So a last I decided to listen to the last doctor and wanted a Caesarian section. Then I had to be transferred back to the first hospital because I was originally there’s patient…….all this happen in 3 days and the end of the story is that I got a Caesarian section Monday the 23.12 1996 and got a very sweet daughter

I just made another layout about the same day and with the same journaling. This page is for my daughters album.

I got a packet with the mail this week. It was chipboards from Orin design. I was so luck to leave a comment at the at the right time, and that why I got this awesome chipboards.

Yesterday I went to the Scrapbooking & Stamp convention in Helsingborg in Sweden, where I have been before. My mother went with me and we had a great time looking at scrapbooking stuff . I didn’t buy so much as I thought I would…..yep I actually had money left when we walked home. I did buy some of the new prima flowers… you probably know I’m a flower girl ;O)Take a look at my new stuff

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Saving photos

Last Tuesday I went to a physiotherapist because I have had some problems with my lumbar. Well I have been eating rheumatism medicine and therefore the physiotherapist couldn’t tell me what’s was wrong… now I have to come again next week and I ´m not allow to eat any medicine. I just hope it’s over soon.

Today I have been scrapping a lot. I decided to use some of my “saving” photos. I will explain what I mean with “saving” photos, to those there don’t know my scrapping background.
When I started to scrap back in 1997… well I wouldn’t call it scrapbooking as we know it today. I didn’t have a digi camera. I didn’t know what scrapbooking was all about, so I made some albums (size A4) for my daughter where I cut the photos in all kind of shapes… teddy bears, ice-cream, start an so on. The product I used were cardstocks, stickers and pens, but they were not acid and linen free. The worst part of it are that I have throw all the negatives away, I didn’t know better …..well today I know better so when I talk about “saving” photos then it’s all that old photos that I’m trying to scrap all over again and save.

These two are from my daughter 3 rd birthdays party. I didn´t have so many photos from that day but I’m glad I managed to make two layouts and I think they turn out okay

This one I made for a challange on a american website....which also is my new home. They girls over there are just so sweet and hospitable....go check it out
For this challange you should make a layout with the colors pink, yellow and green.
I used some old photos from a weekend at my parents in Sweeden.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

new layouts

Well this is just a quick opdate .......I´m to tied for a long post, so here are the lastest layout I have made.

Why a book of me

The journaling goes like this:

because my story is just as importen as my familys- because I´m the only one how can tell it from the inside.

Journaling goes like this:

This year Signe fortunately just wanted to dress up like a Chinese. That was quick don because we alredy had the kimono. The hair was put into a clod with chopsticks and then she was ready.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Today I sleept late because I didn´t go to bed before 02.00 am .....I just had to se American idol on the video when I came home from crop last night.

I had a awesome time at the crop yesterday. We were only about 13 scrappers , so I had plenty of time to talk to everybody and especially my dear friend Charlotte.

There were two different where you should use at least 3 kind of ribbons, least 6 brads and least 9 flowers and only one photo...........and guess what I won with this layout

Baked with love:

Is about how my daughter came home from school with muffins. It was the first time she ever baked and she had saved some for her sweet mother. She tool me, that they teasted great and she had baked them with love.

The prize was a mini tote in pink, but I was permit to change it to a green one so it match my big tote.

I also made 3 other layouts at the crop.....take a look

Finally pierced!
Journaling goes like this:
The first time you tool me, that you wanted to get your ears pierced was when you where six years old. I thought you were to young. You might be frighten when it hurt and besides that I also had some bad memories from my own childhood. I said no but you continued to pester, so at last I said when you would turn teen is would be alright. Well you wouldn’t satisfied with that answer so after many discussions the agreement was, when you turn eight years. Finally the day came and you turn eight and what happened…….no mom I don’t need to get my ears pierced right away. The courage failed the big girl.Then one day I October 2006 after many conversations with your friends about getting ears pierced you got the courage to do it and you didn’t even cry. You was so proud of yourself and so was I.

The journalling goes like this:
It´s has cost blod, sweat and tears to be where we are today, where you just sit down and read your homework (alomost) without any complains.I don´t think that you ever learn to read fast, but you read with 99% correctness and that is all that matters. I´m so proud that you have come so far in only 5 years and without any interest for reading.

New clothes
Journaling goes like this:
One evening Signe sat down and read in a cloth catalogue for the first time in her life. It was a catalogue from H&M which she study carefully and a lot of marks were placed so I could see what she wanted to buy. She read in the catalogue for over half an hour......that just another indication that me little girl is growing big!

Well i didn´t buy a lot of stuff this time , bur there where a few thing I coulden´t live without..........guess what they had got some of the new flowers from prima ;O)

Today I´m just going to do nothing and just relax with my new flowers........thanks for stopping by and have a great sunday.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I´m sick again

Jep I´m sick again. I`m so tired of this, it´s my lumbar there is hurting me. It hurt so much that I almost can`t walk or sit . Last week I had to stay home one day and this week I have been home since Tueday. My doctor say it`s either a `squeeze nerve or a slipped disc. I have got a appointment with a physiotherapist next week and until then I have to take painkillers and some rheumatism medicine.......I`m getting better every day and I do hope I`m abel to go to work on Monday and this Sauterday there is Disco Dreamcrop at DreamPapers and I would be very sad to miss it.

Well enough illness

I had a very great time last Sauterday at the convention. I think we were about 140 scrappers, talking, shopping, laughing and of course scrapping.

My day started very well because when I arrived at Anettes ( we should drive together) place I got a big surprise......Else was going to join us and when she arrived she got my very good friend Charlotte with her. That was a lovely surprice that made my day even better.

We had so much fun in the car on the way to the convention. At the convention me lovely and sweet friend Netti join us and we had a great time.

I didn´t made so much only a singel page, because I had to teach in doodling twice and I went to a distress workshop together with Netti and Else.

Charlotte and I participate in a sing a long contest. Well it didn´t sound very good because we can´t sing, but we had a lot of fun....take a look.

I also got time to spent some money and I think I got some great stuff. I really like my new plastic box from Cropper Hoppe. It`s perfect for all my ribbons

Friday, March 02, 2007

I`m so excited

Tomorrow I´m going to a convention on Funen together with some of my best scrapbooking friends. There will be about 120 scrappers and a lot of shops. I shall teach in two worksshop about doodling and best off all I´m going to spent a hole day with my dear friend Anette aka Netti. I haven`t seen her since November last year and I`m so excited. It´s going to be a great day with a lot of scrapping and shopping.
I hope you all have a great weekend ;O)

This is what I have made the laste coupel off days
This one is a scraplift made to a scrapliftcompetition on a Norwegian forum. It about why I love scrapbooking and the journaling goes like this:

I love scrapbooking because it gives me the possibility to document the history/ story of me and my family. it gives me the possibility to be creativ and to relax.
It gives me a way to use some of all the photos I take in a funny and personal way.
Through scrapbooking I have meet a lot of people and got some new friends.

"My Secret love"
A page to my BOM . It´s about my secret love for teddy bears. A love there goes all the way back to when I was a little girl and didn´t have many teddy bears