Thursday, March 08, 2007

I´m sick again

Jep I´m sick again. I`m so tired of this, it´s my lumbar there is hurting me. It hurt so much that I almost can`t walk or sit . Last week I had to stay home one day and this week I have been home since Tueday. My doctor say it`s either a `squeeze nerve or a slipped disc. I have got a appointment with a physiotherapist next week and until then I have to take painkillers and some rheumatism medicine.......I`m getting better every day and I do hope I`m abel to go to work on Monday and this Sauterday there is Disco Dreamcrop at DreamPapers and I would be very sad to miss it.

Well enough illness

I had a very great time last Sauterday at the convention. I think we were about 140 scrappers, talking, shopping, laughing and of course scrapping.

My day started very well because when I arrived at Anettes ( we should drive together) place I got a big surprise......Else was going to join us and when she arrived she got my very good friend Charlotte with her. That was a lovely surprice that made my day even better.

We had so much fun in the car on the way to the convention. At the convention me lovely and sweet friend Netti join us and we had a great time.

I didn´t made so much only a singel page, because I had to teach in doodling twice and I went to a distress workshop together with Netti and Else.

Charlotte and I participate in a sing a long contest. Well it didn´t sound very good because we can´t sing, but we had a lot of fun....take a look.

I also got time to spent some money and I think I got some great stuff. I really like my new plastic box from Cropper Hoppe. It`s perfect for all my ribbons


Vanessa Farkas said...

I am sorry to contact you through your comments section but saw no email address?
I am interested in exchanging links with you! I live in the US in Missouri. My blog address is /beauty_for_ashes/
Please email me soon! Your work is lovely!

Vanessa Farkas said...

/beauty_for_ashes/ is the last part of my blog address.
Don't know why it left it off?

Vanessa Farkas said... is my email address

netti said...

Jamen ven dog - er du nu syg igen! God at du har fået en aftale med en fys.

Ja vi havde en fed dag sammen - den gik bare for hurtigt. Tusind tak for en lækker dag. Omend noget stressende. Dit kursus var super!!

Du fik da købt mange lækre ting. fed kasse. jeg overvejede den men har ikke de der små dimser til at rulle båndet op på.


Jaci said...


I'm sorry your having so many back issues. I injured my back years ago and it's never really been the same. Sending you lots of healthy, healing thoughts! I hope your doctors can help you soon!

It looks like you had a blast at the convention! And look at all those goodies you got! Have fun playing with all your new stuff! Can't wait to see what you create!

Cheers from across the water,

Charlotte Ravn said...

Øv stakkels dig, håber snart du får det bedre igen! Sikke mange lækre sager du købte i lørdags og hvor er I et par smækre sild, som I står der og synger, du og min navnesøster :)
Det var rigtigt hyggeligt, at hilse på dig!

Anonymous said...

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