Tuesday, September 26, 2006

me according to my daughter

tonight I made this layout to my book of me. I got the idea from "Scrapbook Shortcuts with quizzes & questions". It´s a funny special issue of Simpel Scrapbooks and a great way to get new ideas.

The journal goes like this.

1. What`s the funniest thing I do?
When you get crazy about your new scrapbook goodies like flowers

2. What`s my favorite tv Show
American idol

3. How tall am I ?
hmmm i don´t know...about 167cm

4. Whats my favorite things to do?
making layouts for your scrapbooks

5. What makes my sad?
When i say somethings bad about you/ to you

6. What makes me laugh?
When i say somethings funny or silly

7. How much time do i spend on the phone?
Not very much

8. Am I a better driver than daddy?
NO( then she laugh very much)

9. What do i do when you`r at school each day?
You are at work looking after the babies

10. What should I be famous for

one the inside I worte the answer, she got a lot of them right apart from number 3 and 8.

By the way tomorrow I`m taking a photo class to learn about taking better photos for scrapbooking.

Back to work

Yesterday I vent back to work. My foot seems to be okay. It still hurts a little bit, but not much. It was great to be back and lovely to be welcome be 13 little smiling faces when I entered the door.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

photos from Scrap a mania

I just got these photos from Scrap A mania, where I was last Saturday with my friend Netti

And here are some off all that goodies I bought......yea I know I went crazy with the papers from Crate Papers and My Mind Eys "Wild asparagus" I spent a lot of money and it was fun

thoughts on a Sunday

I haven`t been to work all week because of my overexertion foot, so I have don a lot of thinking, some internet surfing and a lot af scrapping.

Today I did something crazy.
I sent a layout to a small american publishing house. They were looking for layouts for their new ideabook and I submit to Making Memories idol contest.
Not that I even think I have a chance to be between the 20 finalist or think they would pick my layout for publishing whit all that talented ladies out there. But if I never try I will never know.

I got an email today from Dreampapers. They want me to do a class about doodling in December. I so glad but also a bit nervous because I never don somethings like this before.

It has been a great weekend.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

cherry art

I got these beautiful papers from cherry art and made these layout for Dreampapers.dk

It took some time to make these because it´s very beautiful papers but a little hard to work with.
Well I´m satisfied with the way they turn out and so was Dreampapers.dk


This Is my first attempt to go freestyl. I don´t know if it´s the best layout i ever made , but it was fun to do.

The idea to write on ordinary paper is liftet, sorry but I don´t remember from who.

The journal is a littel hard to translate but I will try:

I´m sitting her with my overexertion ( I was to a scrap event this weekend) foot and think about all the things I have experienced and achieved through scrapbooking the last year.
I have been to many crops in Denmark, scrapbooking events in Sweden and Holland. I have won 2 local sketchs competitions and been selected to be designer for a store in Denmark called Dreampapers.
I have made over 250 layouts the past year but best off all I have made so many new sweet friends.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Scrap a Mania

Last Saturday I went to a big scrapbook exhibition in Copenhagen. It`s the first exhibition on Zealand and stores from Denmark and Sweeden participated.
There were 80 sweet ladies who sat side by side and made beautiful layouts.I was one off them and I have a great time among these sweet ladies.

I know that this dosen`t sound like some big event but in danish term it was.

Here is the layouts I made between talking, laughter and shopping

Friday, September 08, 2006


I was a little bored tonight, so I just grab my pen and started to do some doodling inspired by a layout I saw earlier today at 2P

I`m so happy

Last monday I was teaching for the very first time in the best scrapbook store in Denmark " Dreampapers"
I was only supposed to help with the teaching, but when I arrived, Kit asked if I wan`t to do the teaching and of course I said YES.
It was so great and I had so much fun doing it.
I`m so happy that I was so lucky to be abel to teach and I really hope that I will have that opportunity again.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


I had a fabulous time at the dreampapercrop last Saturday. The other girls at the crop were so sweet and funny and we laugh a lot.
Every participants won two beautiful gifts , mine was some lovely ribbons and some hot big flowers.
We also managed to do some scrapping , I made these 5 layouts and I`m very satisfied with them.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I`M so excited

Today I`M going to participate in a 12 our long scrapcrop whit some off my best "scrap" friends.
I have prepared 5 sketches and I looking forward to make this layouts.

I also managed to made this layout.It`s a scraplift I made to a scraplift challenged on a danish website ,the original lo is from 2P, I don`t rember from how.