Sunday, September 24, 2006

thoughts on a Sunday

I haven`t been to work all week because of my overexertion foot, so I have don a lot of thinking, some internet surfing and a lot af scrapping.

Today I did something crazy.
I sent a layout to a small american publishing house. They were looking for layouts for their new ideabook and I submit to Making Memories idol contest.
Not that I even think I have a chance to be between the 20 finalist or think they would pick my layout for publishing whit all that talented ladies out there. But if I never try I will never know.

I got an email today from Dreampapers. They want me to do a class about doodling in December. I so glad but also a bit nervous because I never don somethings like this before.

It has been a great weekend.


netti said...

You are sooooo good at doodling so I know it will be a hit - nly thing I´m sorry about is that I live to far away to join that class.
I think it´s a great idea that you have sent something to that american site. If you don´t try, you´ll never know what could come out of it. YOu go girl!

Jaci said...

Good for you to submit your work. One thing that everyone says if you want to get published is to submit, submit, submit! Good luck with it!

Your going to do great in your doodling class! Wish I could take a trip across the waters to be in it! :)

Sorry to hear that your foot is still bothering you! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Hugs from the states,

Karen said...

Yeah, Lisette! Good for you - I have not dared to try to get published, but I hope that you will make it :)