Monday, September 18, 2006

Scrap a Mania

Last Saturday I went to a big scrapbook exhibition in Copenhagen. It`s the first exhibition on Zealand and stores from Denmark and Sweeden participated.
There were 80 sweet ladies who sat side by side and made beautiful layouts.I was one off them and I have a great time among these sweet ladies.

I know that this dosen`t sound like some big event but in danish term it was.

Here is the layouts I made between talking, laughter and shopping


*Jeanne* said...

HI Iam,

Well I remember these designs! I just love them! Gorgeous! THanks for stopping by my blog with all the kind comments. I hope you stop by again.

Hello from across the pond!

Jaci said...

I found you over at Jeanne's blog and thought I stop by. Just wanted to say that your LO's are wonderful! You are a very talented lady! Keep up the good work.

Another "Hello" to you from across the pond.


netti said...

Hi Lisette.

Thank you so much for a lovely weekend. We had such a blast, both at your house and at the convention. It was my first ever convention and I was like a kid in a candystore!!
Thank you for telling me that I HAD to come and participate in it!

Lots of love from