Tuesday, September 26, 2006

me according to my daughter

tonight I made this layout to my book of me. I got the idea from "Scrapbook Shortcuts with quizzes & questions". It´s a funny special issue of Simpel Scrapbooks and a great way to get new ideas.

The journal goes like this.

1. What`s the funniest thing I do?
When you get crazy about your new scrapbook goodies like flowers

2. What`s my favorite tv Show
American idol

3. How tall am I ?
hmmm i don´t know...about 167cm

4. Whats my favorite things to do?
making layouts for your scrapbooks

5. What makes my sad?
When i say somethings bad about you/ to you

6. What makes me laugh?
When i say somethings funny or silly

7. How much time do i spend on the phone?
Not very much

8. Am I a better driver than daddy?
NO( then she laugh very much)

9. What do i do when you`r at school each day?
You are at work looking after the babies

10. What should I be famous for

one the inside I worte the answer, she got a lot of them right apart from number 3 and 8.

By the way tomorrow I`m taking a photo class to learn about taking better photos for scrapbooking.


netti said...

Hi girl.
This LO is such a great idea. Where do you get these ideas from?
Love the answer about the driving *LOL* I wouldn´t dare to ask my daughter the same questions.
I like the headlines and the simpleness in this LO.

*Jeanne* said...

Hey there Iam!

I just love this design. How fun! The colors and the wave are perfect. The journaling questions are so darn cool. Very creative!

Hugs to you!

Jaci said...


I love this idea and may store it away until my kids are older and can answer the questions. Super job!

Hugs from the states,

*Jeanne* said...

hey there, hope you don't mind I put you in my blog links!