Thursday, September 21, 2006


This Is my first attempt to go freestyl. I don´t know if it´s the best layout i ever made , but it was fun to do.

The idea to write on ordinary paper is liftet, sorry but I don´t remember from who.

The journal is a littel hard to translate but I will try:

I´m sitting her with my overexertion ( I was to a scrap event this weekend) foot and think about all the things I have experienced and achieved through scrapbooking the last year.
I have been to many crops in Denmark, scrapbooking events in Sweden and Holland. I have won 2 local sketchs competitions and been selected to be designer for a store in Denmark called Dreampapers.
I have made over 250 layouts the past year but best off all I have made so many new sweet friends.

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Jaci said...


I love this! It's definitely "frestyle" and you did a great job with it! The colors are beautiful!

Keep up the good work!