Monday, April 30, 2007

Home again

What a great weekend. I had a blast at ScrapEvent of Scandinavia in Sweden.
Everything were planed perfect. The classes were great, maybe a little to fast to finish the project, but we got very good instructions to take with us home, so we can finish them.
So now I have 6 project I have to finish……here is the one from my KI-memories class that I finished at home today. I just love these papers.

Title: call it LOVE- call it anything you want- there are no words there tells it all- so call it anythings you want.
The title is from a danish song and the photos are from our 12 years anniversary. behind the big photo there is a big tag to pull out and the little tags is a book to open.

I will opload the other projects when I have finished them.
The teachers were so sweet, nice and helpfully.
It´s was so great and inspiring to meet Lance Rusty, Gary Shipman, Kelli and Joey from Bazzill. They were so fun and I actually understand everything the said.
The crop Saturday night was very funny, I didn’t won and prizes and didn’t make much but I had a great time shopping and talking with everybody.

me and Kelli and Joey from bazzill

me and Gary Chipman from QK

me and Lance from Rusty Pickle.

At the crop I started on this layout and finished it last night. It´s created from Di Hickman’s sketch #5. You can se the sketch on her blog

Title: Spring is in the air
Journaling: at our house some of the first signs that spring is coming is when Signe find the chalk and paint arts on the road. This year it was a town with stores that was the years first chalk art.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ScrapEvent of Scandinavia

This weekend I´m going to Helsinborg in Sweden to participate in a big scrap Event. It take place on a hotel, but I will stay at my parent, who live 10 minutes away from the hotel.
I’m going to join 7 classes over the weekend.
A BaicGrey minialbum class, Daisy D class, Ki Memories class and a Karen Foster class…all classes with Swedish teachers.
I´m also join a Rusty Pickle class where the owner himself is going to teach us, a Bazzill class where Joey a previous scrapbook store owner is teaching and a QK class with Gary Chipman himself.
I have meet Gary Chipman before and he is just so funny.

I’m so excited and can’t wait.

I made it through to next round in the “Design like a star” contest at Scrapbooks Chalet. I made this layout to chalenge #3 which is a scraplift challenge. We are going to scraplift a layout made by my good cuber friend Jeanne.

The title and the flowers are draw by hand , colored with watercolours pencil, then cut out and put together with foam tape to create dimension

The journaling is a poem my friend Anette aka Netti wrote to me in my CJ about friendship. It´s very difficult to translate the rhymes....but it goes something like this:

My best friend, which I call scrap nuts
You easily loose your breath and get dizzy
She lives on a island with a lot of people
(when she came here I almost had to use a translator)
Once a year we visit each other
We scrap, talk a lot and laugh
She is always ready with a shoulder and a ear
And tell you what to do
Once a week we whit the keyboard talks
Tell each other about our scrap troubles.
She is a wonderful person, so delightful and fine
I glad she a friend of mine
Her name, can you guess it
Yes she is Lisette.
Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, April 23, 2007

My first published layout

Here is my first published layout. It´s was published in the swedish magazine "" and it´s about a day my life.

05.21 Goodmorning
05.30 Shower
05.45 Breakfast
06.30 Get Signe dressed
07.00: Droep Signe off
07.30: At work
12.45: Pick Signe up after school
15.30: Relaxing
16.34: take the doog for a walk
19.00: House cleaning
19.30: Dinner outdoors
21.00: wachting movie
00.13: Goodnight

This weekend I did scrap a layout for a competition on a swedish blog...but I can´t show it yet.

I Created this using the sketch provided by Di Hickman on her blog. The layout can be seen on Di Hickmans blog dated april 21

It´s some very old photos of my sweet daughter. The photos are not very good but I don´t have many photos from her baby age so this are valuable to me.

Titel: bag thief

Journaling: Signe love when she can get a unobserved change to exploring moms bag. You never know if you find something good.

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


The other day my sweet friend Solvej send me an email ,where she told me to have my credit card ready, because she was going to biding for some flowers on Ebay…….and this are what she ended up with.

Those flowers are just so awesome and I can’t wait to play with them.

Well yesterday I received a packet …….yes guess what it was some flowers I order.

I created this layout for Di Hickman’s sketches blog using her sketch #3

Journaling goes like this:
Ever since I was a little girl I have been crazy with roses. I remember clearly that my daddy spending hours in the garden to take care of the roses.I often join him in the garden and used to tell my stories about the roses. The best part of it was that I sometime was allowed to pick some of the roses and put them in a vase in my own room.
.....................If you didn´t know before....well i must say I´m a flowergirl.......Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a great day.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Today there was a cypercrop at Scrapshop from 10.00 am to 17.00 pm. It´s was so funny and I did participate in two challenges.

The first one was to make a layout where you only was allowed to use one colours of cardstock.I made this.

I used white cardstock and watercolor penciels and made a little doodling.

The second one was to make a personal bookmark with name and 3 words about the person the mark was made for. It had to be 15 x 6 cm.

I made this one for myself.

Journaling: curious , crazy, creative.

I’m finally don with my layout for challenge #2 at the design like a start at Scrapbook Chalet. It´s a sketch challenge. I think this one was very hard to make because I never don a round layout before….but I`m very satisfied with the way it turn out.

A warm summer day we took a trip to Sofiero together with grandma and granddad
The Rhododendrons were unfortunately finished flowering, but we still had a great day in the beautiful park.

I just decided to make it to a db. page

Have a great weekend

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What a day

As some of you know I work as pedagogue in a day nursery. When I came at work today, the first work day after a weeks Easter Holliday, half the staff were sick… we were two adult to 14 kids between 1 – 3 years old.
That’s hard work , but as that wasn’t enough we also didn’t have any water. The plumber turn off the water very early in the morning without telling us, so we had no chance to prepare us for this. Try to imagine how to change diapers on 14 kids without any water………well we had to go to the neighbour day care centre for water…….can you understand why I was very tired when I got home after 7 hours work.

I started creating some layouts for Di Hickman`s sketches blog using some of her own and Lucy Chesna's sketches - beautiful inspirational layouts and cards - both paper and digi - check out her blog where you can find the sketches I used.

I made this from 9 April sketch . The skecht was for a single page but I had to many photos , so I made a db. page

By the way i finally got my RAk from Laura at Scrapbook Chalet. It is 2 very cute square canvas, and a red and green MM paint. I am so excited to use these. Thanks Laura!

Over at Scrapbook Chalet my second home there are a big contest going on Designing like a Star with weekly challenge.

Challenge # 1:
create a layout all about you! I would like to see at least 1 photo, and a lot of journaling ~ letting me know all about you! Your favorite colors, songs, likes, dislikes etc.. You're able to use any products you want, it's all up to you!
I made this one for the challenge

Did you know this about me:
I’m mom to Signe. My favourite food is grilled rib roast in pickle.I love flowers especially roses and tulips. I can be serious when the situations demands it. Addicted to scrapbooking. I love chocolate and I could eat it day and night. I get very furious when somebody accuse me for something I haven’t done.At McDonalds I always order a Big tasty menu.I hate to cook but I love to bake.I like to listening to Rock and 80´s music.I´m temperamental.I am often grumpy in the morningMy favourite colors are pink, red and orange.I’m- beside myself with joy when my daughter tell that she love me - Charming when I have had enough of sleep.- happily married to Anders- Tired when the alarm clock ring.- Generally crazzy
go check it out at

Sunday, April 08, 2007

A big AGHHHH and a little YESSSSSS

My dear friend Anette aka netti is has just left my home after staying here the last couple of days. We have spent a great time together.
We have been to Dreampapers, Dyrehavsbakken a amusement park, the castle Kronborg and a little trip to Sweden to visit Scraproom. We have made a egg hunt in my garden for ours girls and we actually got time to scrap.
Here is Anette in deep concentration.

I made these lovely door for my daughter and one for my scraproom

I also made one for my husband tiny little mucis corner in my scraproom

As I wrote in January I submitted to a big contest in the Swedish “magazine Scrapbooking- mm” where I had to make seven different layouts : One with focus on journaling, one with focus on the photos, one of my best layouts, one most be creative, on which show a new trend, one about seasons and which show your favourites techniques and products.

I finally got a answer and I was unfortunately not pick to be among the 25 finalist………but they did love my layouts a lot and they want to publish 3 of the 7 layouts in their magazine…….so that great news.

Here are 4 of the layouts I made for the contest.

This on was to show a new trend....I choose doodling.

This one was made for a creative layout.
I made flower of buttons and ribbons with photos in the middel.
the small flowers are made of scrapper floss and and brads. I also did some sewing

This one was to show my favourite products and techniques.
I just love Crate papers ,flowers and ribbons.
I used sanding on the photos and did some sewing.

I made a dobbel page for to show a season......summer.
Thanks for looking and happe Easter to everyone.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

12 years anniversary

Today it´s 12 years since my husban and I got married and no it´s not a April fool ;O)
I’m still in love with him as you can see on the photos

We are not doing something extraordinary about the day because we are going to have a birthday party tonight for my sweet husband. He has birthday on Tuesday, but we don’t have time to celebrate it there, because we are going to have visitor staying from Wednesday to Sunday. It´s my beloved friend Anette aka Netti and her family there are coming. I looking forward to this and I’m sure we are going to have a blast while she is her.
We are going to a scrap night Wednesday at DreamPapers. It´s my gift from last dream crop where I won a 3 hours scrap night for 8 persons.
Saturday we are going to Sweden and visit a big scrap shop called Scraproom……and I think we are going to do a little bit of shopping and scrapping while she is her.
I haven´t been scrapping so much the last week.......but I did make these two.

This one was for a product challange at Scrapbook chalet.....we had to use at least 3 buttons, 4 brads and do some sewing.

This one was made to another ad challange at scrapbook chalet.
you are going to use the photo as inspiration for a card or layout. I used it to do this layout about our trip to Knutherborg Safaripark back in 1998.
thanks for stoping by and I hope you all have a great Palm Sunday.