Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What a day

As some of you know I work as pedagogue in a day nursery. When I came at work today, the first work day after a weeks Easter Holliday, half the staff were sick…..so we were two adult to 14 kids between 1 – 3 years old.
That’s hard work , but as that wasn’t enough we also didn’t have any water. The plumber turn off the water very early in the morning without telling us, so we had no chance to prepare us for this. Try to imagine how to change diapers on 14 kids without any water………well we had to go to the neighbour day care centre for water…….can you understand why I was very tired when I got home after 7 hours work.

I started creating some layouts for Di Hickman`s sketches blog using some of her own and Lucy Chesna's sketches - beautiful inspirational layouts and cards - both paper and digi - check out her blog where you can find the sketches I used.


I made this from 9 April sketch . The skecht was for a single page but I had to many photos , so I made a db. page

By the way i finally got my RAk from Laura at Scrapbook Chalet. It is 2 very cute square canvas, and a red and green MM paint. I am so excited to use these. Thanks Laura!

Over at Scrapbook Chalet my second home there are a big contest going on Designing like a Star with weekly challenge.

Challenge # 1:
create a layout all about you! I would like to see at least 1 photo, and a lot of journaling ~ letting me know all about you! Your favorite colors, songs, likes, dislikes etc.. You're able to use any products you want, it's all up to you!
I made this one for the challenge

Did you know this about me:
I’m mom to Signe. My favourite food is grilled rib roast in pickle.I love flowers especially roses and tulips. I can be serious when the situations demands it. Addicted to scrapbooking. I love chocolate and I could eat it day and night. I get very furious when somebody accuse me for something I haven’t done.At McDonalds I always order a Big tasty menu.I hate to cook but I love to bake.I like to listening to Rock and 80´s music.I´m temperamental.I am often grumpy in the morningMy favourite colors are pink, red and orange.I’m- beside myself with joy when my daughter tell that she love me - Charming when I have had enough of sleep.- happily married to Anders- Tired when the alarm clock ring.- Generally crazzy
go check it out at www.scrapbookchalet.com


Charlotte Ravn said...

Wow hvor er det nederste LO bare helt vildt flot! Det skal liftes!
Sikke dog en dag i vuggestuen, jeg kan godt forstå du var træt, jeg bliver træt bare af at passe 1 barn i 2 timer :)

Di Hickman said...

great layout Lisette! Love the double pager!

Familien Thormose said...

Det var da godt, at du havde overskud til at scrappe efter sådan en dag i vuggestuen. Lækre layouter - som sædvanlig.

Scraphilsen fra Anne

netti said...

Hej Lisette.
Sikke en masse ..udfordringer du havde den dag. Det var da helt vildt! Jeg ville dæleme også være træt efter sådan en omgang.

Dine layouts er bare kanon fede. Det er du sluppet vildt godt fra! Det om dig selv er bare SÅ flot og god journaling. Der var kun 2 jeg ikke vidste på forhånd ;)
Jeg håber at du går videre i konkurrencen.

iralamija said...


Bety :)