Friday, December 29, 2006

I did it

I did it .......I`m finally don with my parents album . It`s been a big project and a lot of work putting 151 photos together on 47 pages.
I have used 113 piece of paper, 150 brads, 168 flowers, 64 eyelets and 23 buttons ....not to mention all the ink, ribbons and scrappers floss, but it`s been all worth it.
I`m satisfiede with the way the album turn out so now I just hope my parents likes it to.
Take a look at the last to pages in the album.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Finally holiday

Today at 11.30 am I said merry christmas to all my colleagues and all the kids and went I don´t have to lisen to kids bawling, yelling, , crying and argueing because I´m finally having holiday until the 2 january 2007........but it also means that I have to live without my daily hugs, smiles and laughter from 14 little kids........don`t get me wrong I love my job as pedagogue in a day nursery but sometimes it´s a really noisy, demanding and stressful job, so I`m really looking forward to spenting time with my family and to relax

I`m still working on my parents album and I still have to make 4 more I think I´m going to make it before christmas........take a look of the last 3 I made.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas card

Last night I made these christmas card and gift tags. It´s the first time I have try to make christmascard and I´m very satisfied with the way they turn out.

By the way I`m still working on the australia album, and i hope I will be finish. before christmas

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas dreamcrop

yesterday I was to christmas dreamcrop at always is was 12 hours full with scrapping, at lot of fun, great food, hot gifts and lovely company.
I made 3 layouts and a dobbel it was a busy day.

here are two of the layouts I made....the others layouts will not be oploadet yet , because I shall

use them in a competition

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Yesterday morning I drove to Scrapshop in Roskilde. It´s a one hour drive each way. I wanted to pick up my layouts they had lend for a exhibition in the shop. I thought I could do a little bit of shopping .......just a little bit ;O)
I actually didn`t have time for this, I had to get home and clean the house because we have invited guests for dinner, but I thought what the ...... and I hoped that my husband had done the cleaning when I came home.
When I came home my husband had started the cleaning and he had another suprice for my....he was going to make stuffed turkey for dinner, because I had complain that I didn`t get real christmas food this year. We are going to spent christmas eve at his family and they are eating duck and roast pork for christmas and that is not real christmas food in my opinion!!
Do I need to tell I just love that man......we had a great evening wiht our friends.
Here are the lovely papers from BasicGrey and K&Company I just had to buy

And here are some of my layouts I picked up.....the first is my mother when she was a littel girl and the other one are roses from my garden