Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween dreamcrop

yesterday I went to dream crop again for 12 hours. This time the team was Halloween and a lot of the ladies were dress out as witches and monsters. They look so funny.We got lovely gifts, did a lot of scrapping, got great food and we also played "Bingo" where I was so lucky to win twice some pens from zig and some beautiful Christmas paper from Sandi lion.
We also had a challenge where we should make a layout with 3 different kind of patted paper and 3 different kind of cardstock.I made this layout and won the price, which was a clear stamp alphabet. On hidden tags I wrote the stories behind the daddy wanted to take a photo of my daughter, but she wouldn’t only took him 31 minutes to get his photo.
I also made this double layout of my daughter. I find the idea to this in "Hall of fame".The journal goes like this : Almost 10.........10 years of watching you grow....lead you the way....teach you about the little and big things in life......comfort you....encourage bedtime stories for you....laugh with you...allowing you to make let go and let you stand on your own’s melting my heart when at me...when you have success with the things you do.....when you say "sorry mom".....when you say "I can do it"....when you give me a hug and tell that you love little girl is grow into a big girl.

By the way did I mention that my doodling class last Monday was a success. There were 17 student and they all were so sweet and they did a lot of doodling. I had a great time and dreampapers ask me to do another class in January.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

convention on Funen

Yesterday I went to a scrapbooking convention on Funen ( a part of Denmark). It´s a 2½ hours trip by car from my home but it was all worth it.
I went to have fun,to shop, to meet some of my scrapbooking friends and most of all to take my friend Netti by surprise. She came all the long way from Jutland(another part of denmark) to this convention and didn´t know that I would be there.
It was so funny to se her face when she saw me.......and we had a great day with a lot of fun and shopping.

I made this layout of a day in my daughters life. I found a old note, where I had been writing down what she did and eat that day back in june I made a some tags with the journal from the note.

I also made this layout " mom ninni is turning 1 today" My daughter wanted us to celebrate that her teddy bear "Ninni" turned 1 year, so we did.
the idea wiht the hat and balloons is liftet from Nicole gartland.
I was so lucky to win the third place for best layout.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

layouts with flaps

I had a lot of photos from an old trip to Crete and I wasn`t in the mood for a minialbum, so I made this layout. It has 3 flaps.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


I have been sick the last two days.
I have catch a cold and got fever, but today I was feeling a little bit better so I made this mini album. I got the idea from the internet, but I don`t remember where I found it.

This Friday I said goodbye to my dear colleague and friend, becauce she was moving to Jylland with her husband. He had got a great job over there. I`m really going to miss her, we meet a the pedagogues`college and we have been friends since.
I made her this card and handbag, so she wouldn`t forget me.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Practise doodling

All week I have practise doodling because it´s for sure now that I`m going to do a class in doodling at Dreampapers on the 23 October. I thought it was going to be in December, so now I`m begining to feel the nervousness.

On the edge of a dream.
I made this layout and is about the thoughts there went through my head right before I started my second education as pedagogue at agee 28 (back in 2001)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

scrapping with friends

I was scrapping together with 6 off my best scrapbúddies last night in my favorit store Dreampapers. It was my good friend Runa who had invited me to this gathering, because she won a 3 hours scrap event last time we participated in dreamcrop at the store.
It was so funny and I made this layout, which is a lot different from they one I normally do.

The photos are from the Danish tradition "Shrovetide" back in my childhood.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

A trip to Sweden

Yesterday I took the ferry to Helsinborg in Sweden ( it only take 25 minutes) where my parents live. It was great to se my mother again, I havn`t seen her for a long time ( about a month). I stay overnight and today my mother and I went to a Scrapbooking and stamp convention. I spent a lot of money again and got some very nice goodies. Take a look

By the way I made this layout for a sketch contest on a danish website and got a second place