Sunday, October 15, 2006


I have been sick the last two days.
I have catch a cold and got fever, but today I was feeling a little bit better so I made this mini album. I got the idea from the internet, but I don`t remember where I found it.

This Friday I said goodbye to my dear colleague and friend, becauce she was moving to Jylland with her husband. He had got a great job over there. I`m really going to miss her, we meet a the pedagogues`college and we have been friends since.
I made her this card and handbag, so she wouldn`t forget me.


*Jeanne* said...

Hey there Lisette,

WOW can I say this mini book is gorgeous! I love it!

I hate to hear about your friend, and I am sure she is going to love the card and purse. They are so beautiful. WOW!

Thanks for the heads up on the spotlight at ACOT. I didn't even know.

Thank always for your sweet comments!

netti said...

Hi Lisette.

Don´t worrie, she won´t forget you. No one can when they have met you ;-)

The cards are so pretty, and I´m looking forward to getting one when I see you again..hehe.

I just love the things you make.

Hugs from