Thursday, December 21, 2006

Finally holiday

Today at 11.30 am I said merry christmas to all my colleagues and all the kids and went I don´t have to lisen to kids bawling, yelling, , crying and argueing because I´m finally having holiday until the 2 january 2007........but it also means that I have to live without my daily hugs, smiles and laughter from 14 little kids........don`t get me wrong I love my job as pedagogue in a day nursery but sometimes it´s a really noisy, demanding and stressful job, so I`m really looking forward to spenting time with my family and to relax

I`m still working on my parents album and I still have to make 4 more I think I´m going to make it before christmas........take a look of the last 3 I made.

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netti said...

Hi Lisette.
Wow I just love the three layouts here. They aare so full of everything that reminds one of summertime. Lovely coloures.