Monday, January 15, 2007

100% fun

I`m going to teach in doodling this evening , so last night I thought I just had to practise a little bit.......I made this layout

It`s kind off different than my normal styl.
I draw the flowers by hand and painted them with watercolor pencil and while the paper was drying it kind off rasied so the flowers got a dimension look.... It didn´t turn out the way I had plan but it was very funny to make........well I´m of to teach


*Jeanne* said...

WOW Lisette! This is gorgeous! You are the doodle queen! Wish I could do that! I am loving those flowers...

Good luck and have fun with your class!

Jaci said...

OOOhhh Lisette! This is awesome! I LOVE those flowers that you made! :)

Have fun at your class!

Charlotte Ravn said...

Det er bare superflot og selvom du siger det er forskelligt fra din sædvanlige stil, synes jeg nu, at der er en hel masse Lisette i det! FEDT stempel!

netti said...

Hej Lisette.
Kanont flot. Det er superlækkert lavet. Hvis bare jeg kunne regne ud hvordan...

PS. HAr du set at Heidi søger een til at undervise i doodling i Ryslinge?