Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Goals 2007

Is no secret that I have struggled with my weight almost all my adult life. My weight is like a elevator, is goes up and down all the time.
About 3 years ago I manage to lose 20 kg and I was so happy about it. I went to the fitness centre 3 times a week and I started to run……….but then I started at my job in the day nursery and I didn’t have so much time to exercise and I started to get exercising injuries. Slowly my weight began to raise again……and now I have to lose weight again.

I have decided to start on my diet again and to lose weight will be my biggest goal for 2007.

To stick to me goal I have decided to make a mini album about my way to a lighter me and to write about it on my blog…… because it seem more obligating when I write it here.

I have used the minialbum I got with my book "Scrapbooking by Lisa Bearnson"

This is the first page in the album, with some horrible photos of my as I look now.

This is the second page that shows how I will lose weight…….by counting calories, writing food diary and weigh my food. I also want to finally read Doctors Phils book to the end.

And the third page with this months goal and a tag to write how it went by the end of the month

My second big goal for 2007 is to stop smoking ….and actually it has been a lot easier than I thought it would be……because I was so sick last week so I wasn’t able to smoke and then I thought….well you haven’t been smoking for a week now so there is no need to start again… I haven’t smoke a cigarette for a week now and I so proud of myself.
P.S. and I have lost 4,5 kg so fare in January.


netti said...

Total fed (hihi) idé. Rigtig flot lavet og jeg glæder mig til at læse videre om din kamp.
Way to go girl!


Jaci said...

I need to do this too Lisette! My weight is gotten out of control! I love how you are scrapping about it! Maybe I should try that!

HUGE CONGRATS on not smoking!!! I quit about 11 years ago and am so thankful I did! (So is my wallet!!!) Keep up the good work!!!

Cheers from across the waters!

*Jeanne* said...

Hi there Lisette!

This is an amazing album. WOW! Talk about motovation! This looks amazing. I wish you good luck.

Congrats about the smoking! I quit in Aug of last year.. I have not touched one since. I feel so much better.

Hugs always from across the pond

Gurli Laursen said...

God idé at lave et minialbum, der kan fastholde målet - jeg tror, jeg vil følge dit eksempel, for jeg har også et slankeprojekt igang. Jeg har forøvrigt samme bog og synes den er rigtig god - jeg tror, jeg vil læse den en gang til.
Held og lykke med dit projekt.

~ Gurli

Linda said...

Hvor er det en god ide' med det minialbum. Og det er rigtig flot gået med 4.5 kg allerede...

Charlotte Ravn said...

Sikke en god ide med det minialbum, men jeg synes du er lidt hård ved dig selv, både at ville tabe dig og holde op med at ryge på een gang! Men held og lykke med can do it! Go go Lisette!

P.S. Jeg har også tabt mig 4½ kilo, skal vi lave en konkurrence hihi

Jørgensen said...

Ai, sådan en taber-bog vil jeg også gerne scrappe.
Sikken en god idé. Det må da være med til at holde motivationen!
Knus til dig :-)
Kathrine (Solvej's veninde)