Sunday, January 07, 2007

Once upon a time

My dear friend Netti gave me a challenge. I had to make a layout about the two of us, so I made this last night.

the journaling goes like this
Once upon a time there was a website called Get2net, which was a meeting place for all kind of people how had a love for chatting.
One night in 1999 a foolish lady from Zealand sat down by the computer, determined to find out what, that web chatting was all about.
If it was destiny or just a coincidence what the foolish lady logged in on the chat room parents life in that same moment as another fool from Jutland logged in, is not to say.
The two fools got into a talk with each other and discover that they had a lot common…..actual so much, that is was kind of scary. You would almost think that they were twins…so much they had in common. They were both married to men with a love for tree, both mothers to a girl. They even shared the same taste in night clothes and washing powder, had the same family name and both owner of a dog.
As time past by it became a weekly event that the two fools sat down and chat to each other on the Internet and that was how a funny friendship across the country began.
One day the fool from Zealand took the courage and invited the other fool with family to visit her in the summer Holliday …..without knowing if they actually could talk together IRL.
There was butterflies in the stomach when the fool from Zealand said welcome to the fool from Jutland that warm summer day in the year 2000.
This meeting went very well and became ever since a yearly tradition.
Like this the fairytale about two fools aka LAM & NETTI began………..what they ever since exposed each other to, is a different kind of story.

It was fun to make and it really made my think of how much I appreciate our friendship.


charlotte said...

Hej Lisette,

Herligt at læse hele historien om hvordan jeres venskab startede. :)
Meget flot LO med en masse fine detaljer.

Og tak for hjælpen - jeg kan nu oploade fotos i min blog! supert!! :)

Gitte said...

Herligt LO med flotte detaljer - og flot, som du har fået hele historien med. Dejligt minde, du har lavet der.

netti said...

Hej Lisette.
Det er bare SÅ meget godkendt. Det er en helt korrekt godkendelse af forløbet. Vi to er sgu uhyggelige du *S*
Tak for at de ugly billeder ikke er med *S*
Loet er bare Så flot. Jeg er vild med knapperne, teksten og ..ja det hele.


Jaci said...

Hi Lisette,

Sorry I've been away for so long but life sometimes just gets in the way.

Isn't the internet a wonderful thing! I've met some great people online as well. Great story you guys have!

Nice to "see" you again :)