Monday, May 07, 2007

A little Toot

2 weeks ago I send alayout to the swedish blog SWE. they had a spring had to make a layout with layer on layer and with 6 homemade accessories. Today I went by the blog an saw my layout poping up......yes I won a 2 nd place. I´m so happy and can´t wait to se what I won.

Here is the layout I made

The journaling is one of my favourite qouts

Don´t walk in front of me, I may not follow
Don´t walk behind me, I may not lead
Walk beside me and be my´s by Albert Camus.

I draw the flowers by hand, painted them with my beloved watercoloer pencils and cut them out. I just love to a some demensions to my pages.

Thanks for stopping by.


charlotte said...

A big congratulations to you Lisette!! Your LOs rocks!! Well done! :D

*Jeanne* said...

Congratulations Lisette! This design is gorgeous! I love those watercolor flowers!

Hugs from across the pond

Jaci said...

YAY! Congrats Lisette! You definitely deserve to win with that gorgeous LO!
LOVE those flowers!

Cheers from across the water,


Charlotte Ravn said...

Det er bare så flot, stort tillykke med din 2.plads på swe bloggen, du er bare go'!

Gurli Laursen said...

Stort tillykke med den flotte - men også yderst velfortjente - placering. Jeg er vild med din stil!

netti said...

Hej Lisette.
Tillykke så skal vi jo dele *S* det er også et flot LO - specielt billedet ;)
Superfedt for dig.

dawn said...

Congratulations Lisette - it's a stunning LO and I love how you make thinks looks so gorgeous and 3D... stunning

madsenlarsen said...

Hej Skønne Tøs

Tusind tak for hilsnen i min "nye" blog.
Super fantantastisk LO du har lavet. Er vilde med farverne og papiret (men det er jo også med i april månedspakken, som jeg har lavet...:)

Tanker fra

Majer said...

Tillykke med 2. pladsen :-)

Er vild med de farver du har brugt. De er bare gode sammen!

Paula said...

This is absolutely fantastic. I love the subtle layers & it gives me real inspiration looking at it.
thank you for sharing & congratulations on getting 2nd place, I think it well deserved & I also think it was worthy of 1st place.