Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Scrapbook item I couldn´t live without.

I will stare on Jozzie´s blog challenge over at Chalet. There is a hole topic list to pick from and for today I picked Scrapbook item I couldn’t live without.
This is so hard because there are a lot of things I really love to use and can’t live without , but I think I'd have to go with my paper trimmers. The funny thing about this is ,that I for a long time didn’t like paper trimmers. I couldn’t find out how to use them, I didn’t think they cut very straight and took to much space in my scrap bag. I actually went Nederland for some scrap classes and had one with me and bought another trimmer down there, but I didn’t like them, so I left them behind in my hotel room when I went back home to Denmark.
One day I told a friend my problems about paper trimmers and she said it was because I hadn’t tried a trimmer from Fiskars and she told my to try the one she had . I must admit that I loved it and when out and bought one. I used the big one for papers and the little one for photos and they both fit perfect into my AMM toot.
So what scrapbook item couldn´t you live without?


Diana said...

Nice - Trimmers are so wonderful when you get one that works for you!

Robin (Tqmnurse) said...

I am with you....I love the fiskars trimmers the best...I've tried several without as much success...thanks for sharing your review!

Brook said...

I like my trimmer too! It is a Purple Cow. Light weight and child proof!

Paula said...

I have on/off relationships with trimmers. My fav broke & the new one just isn't as accurate so i tend to stick to my knife & metal ruler.
I just can't live without my corner rounder & two Fiskars circle squeeze punches!!

Majer said...

Jeg har den samme trimmer, og det der er så genialt ved den, er at man kan skifte bladet så let og så vejer den ingenting, når man skal have den med på crops :-)

Shawn said...

Looks like a great cutter. I'm still looking for one to absolutely fall in love with. I'll have to try this one out!

Didi said...

I'm SO glad you found a trimmer that you love. I have a love/hate relationship with mine actually. When they work right they are the BEST!

netti said...

Ja en papirskære er svæd at leve foruden. Jeg er også glad for min nye tote, mine tuscher og mine knapper.
Kan godt huske da du bare ikke ville bruge en papirsskærer LOl


Jocelyn said...

Hey thanks for doing this challenge