Sunday, February 11, 2007

First cypercrop in Denmark

I just finish my participation in the first cypercrop ever in Denmark. It has been a very funny and stressfull day....there were 7 competitions and I participate in 5.......I didn´t win anythings but it was so fun to make the things.......This are whatI made

We should make a tag there should be 10 cm high. We had an hour to do it. I made this one with my sweet dog Speedy.

Then we should make a letter there was 15 cm high and decorate it. Well I alreday had the paper in front of I made this ....again we had an hour to do it.

This is how my disk looked under competition number two

Competitions number 3 was to make a card for valentiens day and we had two hours to do the card.....I made a pp for the card and used some Basicgrey paper.

Then there was a competiton were yuo had to make two dia-frames and decorate them....well i stayed in the dog theme.

There was also a compertition where we should make a layout after a sketch from the lovely calender "design with ....." from Autunm Leavs. I used some photos from this summer where we went to the beach with Speedy for the first you can se on the photos he enjoyed it very much

It has been a blast to join the first cypercrop in our little a big thanks to the lovely girls at hope they well do anotherone some day.


netti said...

Hej Lisette.
Wow jeg vidste slet ikke at der var sådan een i Danmark.

Det er sørme nogle flotte ting du fik lavet. Vildt lækre med dejlige farver.

*Jeanne* said...

Hey Lisette! These tags are adorable. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Okay the word mojo is a word referring to my creativeness, my magic, to make designs.

So when I lost my mojo... I have lost my scrapbook magic and need some inspiration to find it again.

Charlotte Ravn said...

Det er bare så genialt tænkt, at bruge dine bidrag til et LO, og at det så ovenikøbet er blevet så flot, er jo imponerende! Og tillykke med 1. pladsen for dit andet LO! Godt gået Lisette!