Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My new toy

Today I got time to play with my new camera. It is just so easy to use on auto of cause and it have a lot of others functions, that I have to learn how to use. I took these photo in my garden. Take a look.

Over at my favourite Danish forum, my good friend Karen aka Lindse is running a very fun challenge. It´s called blind scrap lift, we are suppose to lift a layout she has made, but we can’t see it. We had to ask 10 questions and make the layout out off the answers. Here is what I came up with

Titel: You don´t dare!

Journaling :
I have through my hole childhood been afraid of heights, but the last couple off years it´s been better because I challenge myself whenever I have the possibility. When my brother in law said that I didn’t dare to try the “Golden Tower” in Tivoli ( a 70 meters high amusement tower) I had to do it. About the experience I can only said I did it and there is no danger of me doing it again.

I don’t know if my layout looks like karens, but it was so fun to do the challenge.

Tomorrow I’m starting on my new job and I’m very exited and a little bit nervous. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I´m back!

I’m back home after some wonderful days on Funen. The cottage was fine and from the living room there was an amazing view over some cornfields. At the evening when it became dark we could se some fallow deer walking around in the cornfields and twice they came all the way through our garden. It was so beautiful to watch, but unfortunately I didn’t get it on camera.

We visited The Fjord & bælt centre in Kerteminde. It´s the only place in the world to offer a close -up porpoise experience.We saw the playful seals and graceful porpoises, looked at aquariums and walk through the undersea tunnel.

We had a great day at the castle Egeskov. It´s the best preserved renaissance island fort in Europe. It´s a family owned castle with its own 40 acres of park, exiting old – timer- museums and several mazes. The castle has belonged to the family Ahlefeldt- laurvig- Bille since 1748. it was build in 1554, when Frands Brockenhuus had a whole oak forest cut down to build this beautiful renaissance castle in the middle of a lake.

Friday I did something crazy, I bought a new camera even though I got one at Christmas. It´s a Nikon D40, so now I have to read the instruction book and I can’t wait to play with it.

Yesterday I went to a 12 hours crop at my local scrapbook store. I had a blast as usual, a lot of fun, talking and I actually made 5 layout. One of them was for the store, so I can´t show it, but take a look at the rest. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Quick post

Just a quick post before I’m going on vacation tomorrow. We have borrowed a summer cottage on Funen just 200 meters from the beach.
I’m just enjoy my holiday and being together with my family and I’m looking forward to spent a couple of days away from our home.

I been tagged twice by my good freind Charlotte and my cyperfriend Paula.

I am nominated for the Rockin' Girl award and now I have to find 5 persons, who I want to call a Rockin' Girl Blogger:
1. Gitte.... is a wonderful Danish scrapper and inspires me a lot.
2. Dawn.....my cyper darling who is very talented and my new big scrapbooking IDOL.
3. Karen aka Lindse...another awesome danish scrapper, who makes the most wonderful digi layouts.
4. Anette.....one of the owner of my local scrapbooking store and she makes some wonderful layouts.
5. Jeanne.... my cyber friend who makes wonderful deminsions flowers
I haven’t been scrapping so much as I had in mind , but I did make this layout yesterday. It´s for my local scrapbook store. I did a little sawing on the layout and I just love my new sawing machine

Thanks for stopping by …..hope you all enjoy the summer.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday update

I finished my secret project today and I actually got time to scrap a double page, which I haven’t don in a long time. I do most single pages and when I do double pages I always use a sketch. I did a lot of surfing on the net after a sketch but I couldn’t find one there fit my photos. I decided to draw my own and I would like to share it with you.

Feel free to use it if you like it and do leave me a comment if you use it. I think it will be awesome to see what other gets out off it.

Here is what I came up with

I used my Photoshop element 2 program to do journaling on the photos and for the first time I also used the brush function to make the frame around the photos. This is absolutely something I’m going do more, because I love the result. Afterwards I used sandpaper and ink on the photo edges.

Journaling on the photos: Hmm wonder who lives here, is it a water mole or a rat. We better do something. Making a trap ready, now we just hope the unwanted visitor likes apple.
Journaling on paper. We caught 6 rats in only two days.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I’m enjoying my holiday even though the weather isn´t so great. My daughter has been on a little camping trip with her grandparents, so I have had a couple of days for my self. It´s been grat but I must admit that I miss her and I’m glad she is coming home today.
I have been scrapping a lot for my big secret project. I just hate that I can share this with you yet, but it has to wait until September.

Yesterday I bought a new sewing machine. I know it´s crazy to buy a machine just to sew in paper, but I got on sale and it only cost about 90$. So now I jut have to find out how it works, because I have never been great at sewing…*LOL*
Monday morning a man from the noxious animal control came and did a test of our sewer and fortunately there is nothing wrong with it. The rats must have come from somewhere else and we haven’t caught any sins Saturday, so I hope they are gone for good.

Here is a layout I made a couple of month ago .It has been hanging at my local scrapbook store and now I got it back.

The photos are from my daughter first school day in 4 grade.

Titel: Back to duty

- No more sleeping in
- No more relaxing all day long
- No more long evening in the garden
+ reunion with friends
+ new school bag
+ learning new things
+ fun trips with the club

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all injoy the summer.

Friday, July 06, 2007

A hard sad day

I just had my last day at my job. It been a hard day. I ´m looking forward to having 3 weeks vacation and to start on my new job 1 August, but it was so hard to say goodbye to all the kids.
When all 80 kids song the goodbye and thank song ( a Danish children song) for me at our weekly community singing I couldn’t hold the tears back. It was so sweet. Later a little boy , and his parent came to say goodbye. I have been taking care of this little boy since his was 10 month old and now his is 3 years. When he came to say goodbye, he gave me a little paint he had made himself and I just broke into tears, then his parent start crying too. It was just so emotional, but I guess that just the hard part off the job, when you work with kids.
The painting is going to hang in my scraproom. It´s a sweet memories to have.

By the way we sat some traps up . We already caught five but unfortunately it wasn´t water voles as I thought . It were rats, so we have been talking to the noxious animal control and as soon the rain stop they will come and control our sewer. I just hate those animals.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Water Vole ....UGH!!

Today I saw a water vole in my flowerbed. First I thought it was a rat and got very scared. Then I looked it up on google and saw it was a water vole and it eats all the roots on my beautiful roses. Now I have to find a way to catch and kill it. Any suggestions

Still working on my top scret project but I can show you this layout I made from a sketch provided by Di Hickman due July 1.
The photos are from an exhibition on "Kronborg"
an old castle, I went to last summer.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.