Sunday, July 29, 2007

I´m back!

I’m back home after some wonderful days on Funen. The cottage was fine and from the living room there was an amazing view over some cornfields. At the evening when it became dark we could se some fallow deer walking around in the cornfields and twice they came all the way through our garden. It was so beautiful to watch, but unfortunately I didn’t get it on camera.

We visited The Fjord & bælt centre in Kerteminde. It´s the only place in the world to offer a close -up porpoise experience.We saw the playful seals and graceful porpoises, looked at aquariums and walk through the undersea tunnel.

We had a great day at the castle Egeskov. It´s the best preserved renaissance island fort in Europe. It´s a family owned castle with its own 40 acres of park, exiting old – timer- museums and several mazes. The castle has belonged to the family Ahlefeldt- laurvig- Bille since 1748. it was build in 1554, when Frands Brockenhuus had a whole oak forest cut down to build this beautiful renaissance castle in the middle of a lake.

Friday I did something crazy, I bought a new camera even though I got one at Christmas. It´s a Nikon D40, so now I have to read the instruction book and I can’t wait to play with it.

Yesterday I went to a 12 hours crop at my local scrapbook store. I had a blast as usual, a lot of fun, talking and I actually made 5 layout. One of them was for the store, so I can´t show it, but take a look at the rest. Thanks for stopping by.


netti said...

Hej Lisette.
Sikke nogle lækre layputs du har lavet. de er kanonflotte. jeg er specielt vild med den der doodling-ramme du har lavet med alle o´erne. Og hvor er det vildt at du har nået 5 stks. Havde i ikke tid til at snakke? *S*

Det lyder som om i havde en rigtig god tur til fyn. Glæder mig til at se billeder derfra.


Brook said...

I love the photos and the layouts!! I'm glad that you had such an awesome trip!

Gitte said...

Tillykke med dit nye kamera - du vil med det samme kunne se forskel fra dit gamle til et spejlrefleks.
Superflotte layouts - især det med de store pile.

Didi said...

Oh wow! LOVE those castle pix! Sounds like there is so much there to see that it might take more than a day.

Your layouts are awesome the funky arrows on that one. Perfect!

Paula said...

Im pleased to hear you had a fabulous time.
Lvoe your layouts. They are great. I wish I had a local scrapbook store. We have craft departments where they do the odd card demonstration but using very child like products.
I so love that castle, I have a thing about them since being little. My sister got married in one last year & I spent a whole two days in it, my dream come true. I am basing my CJ on it.

I'll pop back & see what else you've made soon.

charlotte said...

Lækre LOer du har lavet, Lisette. Dejlige farver du har brugt på dem allesammen og skønne billeder af din datter. :)
Jeg kan ikke fremhæve et bestemt LO, da jeg synes de allesammen er super flotte på hver sin måde!

Dejligt at høre i havde en super ferie på Fyn. Jeg vil mægtigt gerne besøge Egeskov en dag!

dawn said...

Great to have you back - I've missed you being around :D Glad you had a wonderful time and the photo's and layouts are stunning - chat soon ... have a wonderful day

Familien Thormose said...

Som altid, skønne, skønne layout. Glæder mig til at se billederne taget med det nye kamera, hører det skulle være rigtig godt.

Majer said...

Du har godt nok været produktiv i weekenden. Kan rigtig god lide det med Voksne... det er nogle fede bogstaver du har brugt.

Charlotte Ravn said...

Velkommen hjem fra ferie Lisette! Super flotte layouts som altid, du er bare så dygtig! :)

sollie said...

Great to have you back. Those castle pics are amazing.
Beautiful LO's!
xxx, Isolde