Saturday, July 21, 2007

Quick post

Just a quick post before I’m going on vacation tomorrow. We have borrowed a summer cottage on Funen just 200 meters from the beach.
I’m just enjoy my holiday and being together with my family and I’m looking forward to spent a couple of days away from our home.

I been tagged twice by my good freind Charlotte and my cyperfriend Paula.

I am nominated for the Rockin' Girl award and now I have to find 5 persons, who I want to call a Rockin' Girl Blogger:
1. Gitte.... is a wonderful Danish scrapper and inspires me a lot.
2. cyper darling who is very talented and my new big scrapbooking IDOL.
3. Karen aka Lindse...another awesome danish scrapper, who makes the most wonderful digi layouts.
4. of the owner of my local scrapbooking store and she makes some wonderful layouts.
5. Jeanne.... my cyber friend who makes wonderful deminsions flowers
I haven’t been scrapping so much as I had in mind , but I did make this layout yesterday. It´s for my local scrapbook store. I did a little sawing on the layout and I just love my new sawing machine

Thanks for stopping by …..hope you all enjoy the summer.


Annette said...

Håber du får en super ferie på den skønne Fynske Ø.
Glæder mig til at få dit smukke LO hængt op i biksen.

Rockin' Girl Blogger,

charlotte said...

Rigtig god tur til Fyn! Ja, det er dejligt at komme lidt hjemmefra! Vi tager til Vig (ved Nykøbing Sj.) i morgen - op til min bror og svigerindes sommerhus, sammen med dem, og hygger i nogen dage! :)

Dejligt LO du har lavet - flot med cirklerne! Og farverne er fantastisk flotte sammen!

sollie said...

Lovely page!!

Paula said...

Have a fabulous holiday!
We have torrential rain here in UK. It is getting quite boring now but at least I have my crafts.
I have only been scrapbooking since April 2006. But am totally hooked these days that it takes over my card making.

Karen said...

Tak for nomineringen :) Jeg har lige givet den videre! Go tur, jeg håber du kommer hjem med masser af inspiration og billeder til næste gang vi kan mødes (25. aug?) :) Knus

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