Sunday, June 10, 2007

This waiting makes me crazzy

Yes I´m going through this again......waiting for the result of the voting over a Scrapbook Chalet and it´makes me so nervous. Is so funny and inspiring to participate this contest but I hate the waiting, it makes me crazzy.
Lets talk about something else.
I made these two double pages for submission to the new blue print book, but they didn’t pick them so now I will share them with you. Guess they didn’t like my style ;O)
Blue print # 28
Home work
It´s has cost blood, sweat and tears to be where we are today, where you just sit down and read your homework (almost) without any complains.I don’t think that you ever learn to read fast, but you read with 99% correctness and that is all that matters. I’m so proud that you have come so far in only 5 years and without any interest for reading.
Let´s get dirty
I used a quat by Jay Leno for the journaling
You can´t be mad
at somebody
who makes you laugh
it´s that simple.
Tomorrow I´m going to teach a class about doodling at my local scrapbook store DreamPapers, so I´m off to practise.
Have a great weekend.


netti said...

Flotte layouts og lækre opsætninger. Jeg forstår ikke hvorfor de ikke valgte dem? De er så flotte og beskriver dejlige hverdagsagtige ting.

Jeg kan godt forstå at du er ved at blive bims af at vente - men jeg har tiltro til dig ;o)

lone said...

Super flotte layouts. Krydser alt hvad der kan krydses for dig, tror på at du går vidre.

Hej fra

Rianne*Z said...

I can imagine it is very exciting this contest!

But what a great layout you've made and a nice and good journaling!

Familien Thormose said...

Lækre layouts begge to. Krydser fingre og tær for dig i konkurrencen. ;o)

Scrap-hilsen fra Anne

Denise B said...

Love the layouts you've shared here. Good luck with the contest at the chalet!

Diana said...

I think they are gorgeous layouts!

charlotte said...

Jeg sender dig en masse held og lykke, Lisette. Krydser alt hvad der kan krydses!! ... klart du går videre ;)

Nydeligt LO af lektielæsningen. Jeg kan godt li' enkeltheden og at der er fokus på billeder og tekst.

Og det der "dirty" LO er da for herligt. Flotte tekststrimler og lækre ark/farver!

dawn said...

morning hun - and the very best of luck for this rnd. Shame on those people for not picking your gorgeous - don;t they realise what they're missing? Have a great day hun - chat online :)

sollie said...

I'm so nervous about the voting too. Hope we both are in the next round.
I really like your double pages. The ones about the homework are my favourite.

Charlotte Ravn said...

Super flotte layouts! Krydser fingrene for at du går videre!

Paula said...

Lovely pages you really have a fabulous style.

Gitte said...

Ja, man kan jo kun undre sig, hvorfor de ikke har valgt dem. For de er meget flotte begge to.