Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I´m moving on

Yea I´m moving on to the next round of the "design like a star" contest over at Charlet. I really did think that this was the end for me. The others palyer are so talented and I´m just a girl from little Denmark where almost everybody dont know what scrapbooking is all about. many people I know don´t understand why and how I can use so many hours and money on this fantastisc hobby.
Well I´m so glad that I´m movong on because this weeks challenge is just so is what Laura said about the challeng: This weeks challenge will be a hard, but fun one ~ Since everyone loves Doodling so much, I want to see a layout made with 2 photos (no less, no more) and nothing but doodling as your embellishments.. However, you are allowed to use as much paper as you want too..

I just had so much fun creatingthis layout for the you know I just love Doodling.

The journaling is on of my favourtite quats by Amy Bloom

Love at first sight

is easy to undersatand

it´s when two people

who have been looking

at each other

for at lifetime

that it becomes a miracle.

I draw the hearts and arrows by hand, colored them with water color penciels and the cut them out.

I´m very pleased with the result and know i just hpoe that some of they others player like it and wote for me ;O)

thank for looking.


netti said...

Hej Lisette.
Der er gået helt USA i den mht at vise overfladen på dit LO ;o)
Det er bare SÅ flot lavet. Du kan da ikke andet end gå videre! Jeg er spændt på at se hvad de andre disker op med - det kan ikke hamle op med dig!

Charlotte Ravn said...

Weeeee du er for sej Lisette, stort tillykke med at du er gået videre! Super lækkert LO!

Karen said...

Lisette du er alt alt for sej og det her LO er flere MILLIONER gange bedre end hvad de andre har fundet på/finder på! SUPER! Er syg med hjerterne..bare jeg kunne gøre sådan noget :) TILLYKKE!

sollie said...

It's such a wonderful page. You did a great job. Mine is finished too but I couldn't upload the picture yet. Indeed, doodling is so much fun. I had a blast.
See you, Isolde

charlotte said...

Juuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Lisette, du er for sej! Dygtige dig!
Nydeligt LO, nydelig doodling og nydelige hjerter! :)

Tillykke med at du nu er videre til endnu en runde.

Paula said...

This is totally gorgeous & well done going through to the next round.