Monday, November 13, 2006

wet weekend

last Friday my family and I the car to Lalandia a holliday resort with a big waterpark on Lolland(a part of Denmark).
We had a great weekend with a lot of fun, swimming and my daughter hang out at the skating rink while her daddy and I drank hot chocolate in the cafe.

By the way I been working on this little is most for fun and for trying this disstress technique.

The book is made by big homemade fildfolders. The pages are put togheter by stitching them on my sewing machine.

I have also made this layout of my daughter to a doodling contest at dreampapers, where I got a second place


*Jeanne* said...

LOOK at that Delish book! WOW! Gorgeous! I have just started sewing on my designs. My new addiction.

Congratulations on you 2nd place win! WOW! You are the doodling queen in my book. Gorgeous design!

Hugs girlie!

netti said...

Hi Lisette.

First; jeanne is totally right you are the doodling queen!

I have seen that book IRL and it´s so pretty and a fun thing to do I bet.

Second; looking forward hearing more about your weekend at Lalandia. Did you all go skating? Would have killed to see that!!

Hugs from

Tracey said...

Love the distressed look on the book and your doodling on the LO is fab (wish I could doodle like that!)