Tuesday, November 07, 2006

weekend in Jutland

Last friday I took a plane to Jutland to viset my good friend Netti. It was great seeing her again and we had a pleasant time together.
Saturday we went to a mini convention in Randers. We were about 20 scrapper and it was funny. We did some shopping and scrapping.
I made this layout from our holliday in Lalandia.

I also made this layout. Journal goes like this My scraproom is 14 square meter and has and 4 meter long tabel. I love to sit by my tabel and scrap. other times I just sit there and look at all my flowers. The flowers inspire me and make me happy. Yes I have a flowerfetich, but the flowers are beautiful and they don´t need water ,O).

I have to admit that the photos on the layout isa bit old. They are from september and my room dosen`t look like that anymore. I now have some more shelfs and one more disk....take a look


netti said...

Hi Lisette.
Thank you for a great weekend!! It was so much full of scrapping, fun, drivinig around and for my part - learning how to doodle :-)

If only you lived closer to me.

The tow LO´s I saw IRL and they are as usual soooo great.
Your scraproom/flowerroom keep changing monthly LOL. YOu can make a 12 months calendar LOL

Lots og hugs from

*Jeanne* said...

I was starting to worry about you. YOu have not updated... I was starting to think I need to get on a plane... LOL

I love your designs... just awesome work!
I love your scraproom... I am drooling at all the goodies in your room!

Anonymous said...

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